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The Bachelor *SPOILERS*

January 26, 2018

Photo Courtesy of ABC

Let’s recap the last four weeks of drama, connections, and “Pillow Lips.”

First thing is first, Arie reminds me of a Hallmark male lead. He doesn’t seem like traditional Bachelor material, right? But then the more I watch, he grows on me. I still wish we were watching Peter’s journey to love. Speaking of love – has Arie met anyone with potential?

Week one we get to meet all the straight-off-a-modeling-shoot ladies. Enter the cocktail party. *Raises glass* “To love!” Arie gets his one-on-one time with all of the women and we end the episode with 20 lovely ladies all vying for the heart of an old racecar driver.

Week two starts with a one-on-one date with Becca K. (my current favorite) and Arie proceeds to give her a pair of Louboutin’s, Rachel Zoe dresses, and Neil Lane jewelry. I’m sorry, what? I think Arie thinks he’s Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Scottsdale, AZ here we are! This date was weird, right? Too soon, buddy. But sure as the sun will rise, Krystal goes home with a rose. Honestly, the demo derby is the first group date I’d actually go on. Fifteen ladies was a stretch, but Seinne took the trophy and drank the milk. I think we agree now that Krystal is the worst. But she got a rose along with 15 other girls.

Week three gave us a weird WWE-inspired group date that got close to NSFW, a wine country one-on-one that makes everyone watching feel awkward (Lauren S. went home) and a puppy date with incredibly stubborn puppies. ABC can keep doing the puppy thing though; I like it. This rose ceremony was too much. But inevitably, Anneliese and Bibiana said goodbye.

Week four starts with a group date in which the girls were almost convinced to drink their own urine. That’s a first, ABC. After backpacking through Tahoe with no skills at all, the women, of course, find the perfect cabin nestled into the woods accompanied by a giant hot tub. Sienne gets a one-on-one date rose but I think we all know there’s something too sweet about her for Arie. After all, he also decided to continue dating Bekah, a 22-year-old. You’re almost 40. Stop, Arie, please.

Ending this week, Arie discloses to us that while he used to be skeptical about whether he’d find someone, now he doesn’t know if he’ll pick the right one. To sum it up, Arie is going to pull a Ben. As of now there are 11 women, everyone hates Krystal, and the preview of next week’s episode pretty much spoiled next week’s episode. Thanks, ABC.

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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