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Feelings from the Features Editor

February 2, 2018

Despite having hundreds of thousands of thoughts in this past week alone, I feel compelled to write more descriptively on a select few. These reoccurring notions have had a profound impact on my mentality. Quite possibly, you can relate. But quite frankly, probably not. Because, for the second time, I want to clarify that these thoughts are completely my own and do not reflect the institution I attend, the organizations I am involved with, nor the people that surround me. Any similarities are completely coincidental, or maybe somewhat influenced.

This lovely institution I attend has given me plenty of lessons in the academic and reality worlds. I’ll be the first to say that college has NOT been the best four years of my life, despite the numerous people promising otherwise. It has been a journey nonetheless, that has given me the highest of highs, yet the lowest of lows. Maybe I should save this piece until graduation, but it has been at the forefront of my brain, so naturally, I will continue. If you think that college is all fun and games, I’m here to tell you, you will flunk out. If you think that college is all about books and brawn, I’m here to tell you will not have fun. Finding the perfect balance is not only hard, but detrimental to your success.

Freshman year, it is acceptable and quite normal, to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning doing absolutely nothing. Avoiding assignments at all costs, relishing in the liberation that is no curfew. You have dreams and desires, absolute belief in yourself and confidence in the direction you have chosen to pursue. By senior year, you may be going to bed before midnight, more often than not; spending your time awake completing homework and filling out numerous applications. Overcome with anxiety and doubt, questioning past, present, and future life choices is second to none.

Relationships, both romantic and friendly, will perish or prosper. As a freshman, the hookup culture runs rampant through the dorm rooms. Heartbreak ensues, enemies are made, and on this campus, it becomes a very small world. When it comes to senior year, you may have found the love of your life with anticipation the future together. Or maybe, most commonly, you’ll realize that independence is freeing and a significant other will only hinder your capabilities.

I guess what I have thought of most this past week is that I have a lot to thank Monmouth College for. Dear friends that will stand by me at the altar (if that ever were to happen); an education that will make my desires become a reality; a network of supporting staff and a place that I can call home. However, I have a lot of reasons to thank myself. And you do too. Don’t give Monmouth all of the credit. It has been the stepping stone in the walk of life and YOU are the one that has, and will continue to step forward. Pat yourself on the back. You have made it through incredibly long nights and early mornings, breakups and makeups, endings and beginnings. Through the ups and the downs, you persisted. You put one foot in front of the other. Monmouth College only provided you with some these opportunities, but it was up to you whether or not to pursue, learn, and overcome them.
Good for you.

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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