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Eagles win first Super Bowl

February 9, 2018

Move over Eli Manning, Nick Foles is the new Patriots slayer. This past Sunday the Eagles did the improbable and defeated the New England Patriots. Not only that, but they did it with a backup quarterback. There were seventeen Super Bowl records that were broken in the game including the fewest punts between both teams (1) and the total amount of yards gained between both teams (1,151) which also happens to be an NFL record. This was an all-time great offensive game, but I don’t think that makes it one of the best Super Bowls in history.

It was a very exciting game to watch but the lack of defense on both sides became a little bit sad after a while. I’m happy that Nick Foles won MVP (good for him), but the Patriots defense looked historically bad on Sunday. Any NFL team (yes, including the Browns) could have put up 20+ points on them. I said in my “Super Bowl preview” article that the vast majority of the time defense wins you the championship, but in this Super Bowl, the Patriots’ defense lost it for them.

I’m not saying Nick Foles didn’t have a great game, he did. But if you look at the list of starting QB’s on Super Bowl winning teams Foles is very near the bottom of that list. Even though he won MVP, I do not believe he was the main reason they won last weekend. The Patriots might have had the better quarterback in Brady, but the Eagles had the way better all around team.

They had more options on offense, led by Alshon Jeffery and Corey Clement out receiving mixed with the all-pro tight end, Zach Ertz. They also had their star running back duo made up of LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi who combined 147 yards on the ground.

The Patriots had some incredible receiving numbers but for most of the game, it didn’t even seem like they had a running back on the roster and most defenses could have played better than New England’s secondary if they were blindfolded.

If you watched the game you could also tell a huge difference in the defensive lines. While Brady eluded the lineman for most of the game and was only sacked once he was pressured nearly every throw. He was rolling out and throwing off his back foot for a majority of the game.

Nick Foles was not only never sacked in the game, but it seemed like he never got touched by a defensive lineman or a rushing linebacker. He had all day to throw the ball and that played a major role in why he was so successful in the game.

Then there was Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. Unlike the Jaguars, who played to not lose against the Patriots, the Eagles played to win against New England. Pederson called multiple gutsy fourth-down plays, including the goal-line touchdown reception by Nick Foles. Little things like that make a difference in a game of that magnitude and it was a very well coached game for a guy who many people didn’t think belonged in the same stadium as Belichick.

And everyone wants to know now, is this the end of the Patriots dynasty. It has been rumored that Belichick will retire this off-season and with Brady approaching 41 years of age that could bring an end to the greatest dynasty in football history. Or that could all just be a bunch of nonsense rumors and in my opinion, they’ll probably be back here next season. They’ll still have Gronk and Edelman, they’ll retool their defense and Brady will still be Brady.

As for the Eagles, enjoy this one Philadelphia, if your city is still standing. As a Cubs and Bears fan, I know how it feels for your team to lose year after year and it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting farther away rather than closer. So party hard, Philadelphia because you never know when you’ll win another one. P.S. thanks for winning, because It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is going to make a great episode based on your victory.

Cooper Pauley
Sports Editor

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