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February 9, 2018

College can be where some students find the person they will marry. For seniors Abby Baldocchi and Mike Gertz, Rebecca Guinea and Christian Jones, and R.L. Aldridge and Manda Landrey, this story became their reality.

Baldocchi and Gertz were friends in high school and began dating after graduation. Gertz proposed this past December. He surprised Baldocchi after a picture in front of a Christmas tree and followed with a surprise engagement party at his parents’ house. The couple will be tying the knot in summer 2019.

Guinea and Jones met through mutual friends here at MC, and they got engaged this past Fourth of July. Jones proposed while the couple was boating with family for the holiday. After he popped the question, everyone was ready to celebrate. They are torn between two wedding dates; one possibility is their five-year anniversary in 2020. Aldridge and Landrey have a story that begins at MC. They met at Admitted Students Weekend in 2014 while they were seniors in high school. They attended their senior proms together and got engaged four years later. The wedding date is set for this summer following graduation.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports the average age of marriage is 29 for men and 27 for women. These couples are breaking that trend. “I’m a little more old school and believe that starting your lives together at a younger age will benefit you in the long run. It will allow us to establish ourselves together and overcome many life obstacles. We are able to go through many hard decisions in life early on,” said Gertz.

Aldridge can speak for him and his fiancé on this topic, “We both feel this way: get married when you feel like it. We have spent the past four years together, and we know we want to spend the rest together, too.”

Guinea and Jones are in agreement. “If it is something you both want, go ahead and do it. Don’t listen to what other people say,” said Guinea.

Being in engaged in college has influenced their experiences, too. Aldridge says it has been helpful for him. “We have always been goal-oriented people, and getting married has helped us shoot for a goal. We work for our future together,” said Aldridge.

These couples would not change anything about their engagements. “We stand by our decision 100% with getting engaged. We still live our lives the same way,” said Baldocchi.

As they look forward to their futures, graduation does not seem as scary. Guinea describes getting married as a comfort zone within the uncertainties. “It’s something to be excited for after graduation, and it’s comforting to know we aren’t done planning after college.”

Maddy Neal
Contributing Writer

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