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Feelings from the Features Editor

February 9, 2018

Let’s get right to it. Instead of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to briefly remind you of what I say every week. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. They do not reflect any person or organization I am associated with. If there are similarities, it is completely coincidental. So here we go.

Honestly, I have written this column four different times for this week alone. That’s how many thoughts I have had and wanted to capitalize on. However, a new idea comes to the forefront and I change my outlook. It’s crazy how that happens. For instance, I first started to write about the upcoming Hallmark Holiday. But I’m beyond Valentine’s Day. It only brings out the sulking singles or the overly romantic types.Then, I realized how I dedicated almost an entire Features section celebrating a naked baby with wings and a bow and arrow.

After changing my mind, I began writing about my feelings for the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But I quickly realized I had only one. Edward Bernays may have been the father of Public Relations but Kris Jenner is the definite Queen. Acting as “momager,” she single handedly branded her daughters to plant their family tree firmly in RICH soil. Oh, and congrats to Kylie. Not much of a surprise. Just shocked none of her friends spilled the beans. I guess loyalty and contracts go along way this day in age.

Backspacing what I had typed, I suddenly felt the urge to comment on a bizarre tweet I encountered earlier in the week. Apparently, a 6th grader verbally committed to play softball at Florida. Somehow an 11 year old knows exactly where she wants to go and do seven years ahead of time. Truly appalled at her parents and their decision to support such a radical idea, I quickly changed hands and blamed the recruiting staff. There is no guarantee that an early bloomer will still be just as skilled and talented once everyone has a chance to catch up. But then again, some saw potential in their preschooler and decided to hold their kid back a year, to further his athletic career. He now is on a practice team somewhere in Tennessee. So I guess it does work out for some.

Some of the readers are not sports fans, however, so again, I highlighted and deleted all I had. So now I’ll try to make this relatable to all Monmouth College attendees. That side door of CSB, that ONE door that allows hundreds of students to walk in and out everyday to and from the ground floor was absolutely a design flaw. There should have at least been two doors, making the traffic flow easier, instead of people waiting. And what’s been up with having only a few of the Huff doors unlocked? Each day I try to open the same ones, only to try every door before I’m at the opposite side in order to get let it. I guess if opportunity knocks, too bad. You’ll get shut out. And some doors do not open. But that’s life. And Monmouth just wants to teach us life lessons in reality. Or maybe I’m just overthinking. Oh the joys of 50,000 thoughts a day…

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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