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Grier renovations

February 9, 2018

Lily Guillen / The Courier

These past couple of months, Monmouth College has made big steps to renovate one of Monmouth’s oldest residence halls – Grier Hall. Construction crews have recently started demolition in the hall, which is the one of the first steps to the “top-to bottom” renovation.

The Physical Plant Director, Sarah Young, said, at this point of the renovation, they have torn out portions of the floors, the door jams, the doors, and the plumbing. This leg of the restoration is scheduled to go until February 14, and from there they will move on to preliminary construction.

Monmouth College has many exciting additions planned for the refurbishment of the hall. What students will be most excited to discover is that there will be an operable elevator added in, said Young. Grier will be handicap accessible on all floors as well, which is a new feature to the building. Young stated when finished, Grier will be equipped with brand new furniture, carpeted floors, a renovated lobby, remodeled kitchen, and central air conditioning throughout, along with modernization of the public restrooms as well as the rooms themselves. After the renovation is completed, Grier will have many new exciting amenities that students will be eager to utilize.

Former RA of Grier, Natalie Kaminski, said “Grier is home to a lot of former residents, and I believe that everyone is anticipating the improvements that are being made. We are all excited to see the before and after changes of the hall as it is undergoing these significant renovations.” Grier is a longtime favorite residence hall to many underclassmen women, and though they were sad to leave, they are excited to come back once the hall is finished.

Young stated that this renovation will most likely set a precedent for the rest of underclassmen resident halls on 9th Street, which are planned to be renovated in the future.

Grier Hall is one of Monmouth College’s oldest residence halls, but will soon look like one of the newest.

Sydney Barry
Contributing Writer

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