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Holocaust denier running for Illinois Congress

February 9, 2018

Arthur Jones shouts into a bullhorn during a protest at the dedication ceremony for the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie, Illinois, in April 2009.
Photo Courtesy of CNN

Holocaust denier, and white patriot, Arthur Jones, after several years of running, has now gained a place on the congressional election ballot for Illinois 3rd Congressional District for the House of Representatives.

With the lack of an opponent, Jones has been given the opportunity to be on the ballot for the general election.

Jones is of the west suburbs of the Chicago land area who has been a veteran of the Vietnam War and for the past years since has been a commission sales representative for American insurance companies.

Some of the issues that Jones plans to target include bringing troops home, no more sanctuary cities, making English the official language, repealing Obamacare and Affordable Healthcare, Pro-Life views, as well as being against homosexuality.

All of these issues are addressed on his website, where he is Jones is also openly racists and has anti-semitic views, which is represented by holocaust artifacts that deny that the Holocaust happened. Jones has also been involved in some nationalist parties as well as the leader and member of the American National Socialist Workers.

According to Jones website, under the “Holocaust?” tab, the Holocaust is a “big lie” and under the “Flags on Conflict” tab, there are summaries about the Confederate flag that promotes white pride and resistance.

“I believe that this shows that there’s a common ground in politics influence. There’s certain events that occur that we can all agree that happened. Since the Holocaust affected everyone across the globe, it shows the type of society we still live in,” said Anthony Bryant, a senior at Monmouth.

Along with his past, he has also been the and among other things considers himself a white patriot. As he vocalizes on his website, “The blood of the Southern Confederate and the Northern Yankee are both in me,” it says.

Although this isn’t Jones first attempt for the Congressional District seat, for many people, this is a direct effect of how American society is changing as well as American politics.

“This is another demonstration of the influence Trump has had to empower and validate white supremacy,” said Emma Fern, a senior here at Monmouth.

Many students like Fern share similar concerns about the level of safety and public interest that candidates, like Jones, are not promoting, which leaves many students questioning the sustainability of our democratic system.

The Republican Party has also been vocal about Jones’s run, and have spoken against his racist and anti-semitic views, stating that they do not associate themselves with a candidate such as Jones to represent the party.

“Political parties have a duty to not allow things like this. They need party accountability. People you associate with become a part of your party, especially in politics,” said Fern.

Taylor Tramil
Contributing Writer

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