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Meet the Courier Staff: Casey Schute

February 9, 2018

“Basically doing a jigsaw every week, there are infinite right fits and occasionally missing pieces, that creates chaos,” says Graphic and Layout Editor, Casey Schute. Tasked with creating the overall look of The Courier, her main job is to arrange articles and add pictures to create the full story. A Public Relations major with minors in Business and Art, she practically has it down to a science, but it’s no easy feat.

Casey came to Monmouth after a suggestion from her mother’s co-worker. Once told it would be a good fit, she decided to check it out by visiting. After falling in love with the campus and school atmosphere, the small class sizes and Public Relations program, it led her to become a Fighting Scot. Once hailing from Dubuque, Iowa, Casey feels right at home in Monmouth.

While here, she serves as the co-chair of marketing for A.S.A.P., attending as many events as she can. Otherwise she can be found taking part in Mortar Board meetings or being a member of Lambda Pi Eta. As graduation draws
near, she’s hunting down jobs related to marketing, public relations, and event planning. Though she has plans to return to her hometown, she does not have plans to live with her parents forever. In other words, hire her!

When asked if vegetarians eat animal crackers, she responds “Of course not! I wouldn’t eat them if they were shaped like people, so why not animals.” Fair answer. When sheep can’t sleep, she says they count farmers driving tractors in circles, spoken like a true Iowan. Lastly, if she could have any superpower, Casey would have the ability to fly, so she could travel anywhere and avoid traffic. Now that’s something we can agree with!

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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