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Relationships: A thought or two

February 9, 2018

Other than my capacity for self-confidence, relationships seem to be the most fragile aspect of our lives. One day you and another individual are strangers, and the next day you are “best friends.” Everything seems fine and dandy until one day you don’t speak to them, or miss a call, and you become strangers all over again. Fun fact: that person was not your friend. It is amazing how much energy and attention people think relationships require. For some, maintaining relationships is similar to a chore, constantly having to regurgitate repeated stories and phrases just because they feel the need to have that constant communication. On the other hand, people have found that sweet spot where they catch up and meet every once in a while, so everything seems fresh. I prefer the latter.

Let us forget about friendly relationships for a moment and focus on romantic relationships. First, we need to find that certain someone who puts those damn butterflies in your stomach, the one who makes your heart race every time they walk by, and the one who magically puts your foot in your mouth because speaking to this person becomes impossible. Once we have found that person where you second-guess every word of a seven-word text message because you do not want to mess it up, then you have found that special someone. Congratulations.

Now that you have that certain someone in mind, there needs to be an understanding that initiating contact will probably be the hardest thing to do. I suggest going up to that special human, in person, when they are by themselves. This strategy is known as “avoiding the flock.” Typically, the person you want to start something special with is always around their friends because why would they be by themselves? They are great, probably cooler than you, and others feel the need to be around them. This is your time to be a diligent look out, zero in on your future honey, and make your move. Work quickly because the less time you give your boo to respond the less time they get to think about saying no. With the boldness of asking them out in person, they will usually be flattered and most likely say yes. Guess what? You did it.

After you go on a few dates and spend some time alone with that person, you will figure out what kind of “second face” they have. There is a period of time that, once passed, creates a comfortability and the real person of interest comes out. Most people reading this will think that the face they put on in public is the same face that exists in the place where you call home: the place where you do not feel any type of pressure to be someone you are not. Trust me, and be honest with yourself, you are not the same person chilling at home and sitting at lunch in a sea of your peers. Once that comfortability period sets in, it is time to evaluate to see if you can handle or deserve this person who is willing to show you both of their “faces.”

Let us fast forward and work our way back to relationships. I have come to understand that relationships should be treated as rewards to those who can find a compatible human that shares interests, or who are complete opposites that like to shake up their lives. Not only are relationships rewards for those who can find that special someone, but if you can somehow give more time and effort away from your own life to another human, while that time and effort is being reciprocated from that same person unto you, then I commend those for having an organized and happy life. Just like a good morning and good night text message, relationships should never be taken for granted.

Riley Hess
Editor in Chief

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