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50 Shades Freed:Spoiler Alert

February 16, 2018

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Before we left for winter break, I purchased my “50 Shades Freed” tickets for the premiere on February 8th. To say I was excited is an understatement. Totally encapsulated with Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s rather unconventional relationship, I was eager and anticipating a lot of sex and a bit of mystery. Let’s just say, Grey wasn’t the only one who delivered because “50 Shades Freed” is the best in the trilogy. Don’t @ me.

With a true storyline filled with true love, curiosity, and suspense, my gaze didn’t stray from Mr. and Mrs. Grey. SPOILER ALERT: they get hitched! In a whirlwind romance any woman fantasizes about, Anastasia is whisked on adventure after adventure with her new beau. Territorial, Christian and Ana tend to get in a few more fights than in the past movies, but, of course, that allows for makeup playroom time. Conversations between the two were a culmination of hilarious one-liners, dreamy love sayings, and secrets. It was good to see a variation that lacked in “50 Shades of Grey” and “50 Shades Darker”.

But what truly stood out in the newest adaptation of E.L. James’ book was the mystery and mentality of Ana’s ex-boss, Mr. Jack Hyde. After breaking into Fort Knox, a.k.a., Grey’s not-so-humble abode, sneak attacking Ana, and later kidnapping Mia, the man not only looked crazy, but he was out of his mind. Whoever messes with the Greys gets Taylor, Prescott, and the very attractive Sawyer, who are all bodyguards. But most notably, he gets a pregnant Ana that will do anything for her newfound family. That’s right. She’s pregnant, despite Christian’s dismay.

This brings in the ever hated Mrs. Robinson, or Elena. Though never making an appearance, her presence is felt in the drunken words Mr. Grey hurts Ana with. Nevertheless, the movie is taken over by Jack’s jealousy of Christian’s life that he gained from being adopted. Both in the Detroit Adoption Agency, Jack was not picked to a privileged life like Grey was. After a five million dollar payout, a loaded gun, and a pissed off Ana, Jack gets taken down, but so does the mother-to-be, but not before the credits play.

An emotional rollercoaster, movie watchers are filled with happiness and arousal, sadness and suspense, mystery and frustration. In the end, we get a short glimpse of Ana and Christian’s kid, making the entire movie more than worth it. I suggest women and men view the R-rated movie. You may learn a thing or two…

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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