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Fortnite Takeover

February 16, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

“Fortnite” is the latest video game trend for college students, and Monmouth College has been no exception. “Fortnite Battle Royale” is a free video game set in a modern world where 100 players battle each other while looking for resources. The last player standing wins.

From talk on campus to social media, it is easy to see that this game has taken off here. Seniors, and roommates, Luke Long and Logan Moothart are big fans of the game. The pair says that they found out about the game through friends. “Luke was the first friend to show the game to me, and as it became more popular, I knew more people playing it. It seems like a snowball effect,” said Moothart.

The pair likes the game because it brings in opportunities for teamwork. Anyone can invite friends to play with the group feature, or there is a solo mode. They also say it is a nice distraction from the stress that senior year brings with graduation approaching.

As for the popularity of the game, the two have a few ideas about why it has taken off so quickly from the initial release in September 2017. One of the biggest points is the price of the game. “It’s free, so what college student doesn’t like free stuff?” said Moothart.

Long had additional thoughts on how the game has become popular. “Social media has a lot to do with it, honestly. There are videos posted of people playing, and those accounts are popular among college students. It has helped the word spread about the game.” With over one million Facebook likes and Twitter followers, social media has been a presence in marketing the game.

Posts on social media have helped the game grow, but also has led to some people questioning it. Senior Kyrsten Hume is one of many off the bandwagon, but she is close to some avid “Fortnite” players. “I’m not sure what the hype is all about. Sure, it is a fun game, but all you do is kill other people. I’m confused as to how it is that entertaining for that long,” said Hume.

Whether or not you are on the bandwagon, it is clear that “Fortnite” has become a success on and off campus. The game was nominated at The Game Awards 2017 for Best Multiplayer Game. “Fornite” also is nominated for more awards in 2018 at the SXSW Gaming Awards, the 21st Annual Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (D.I.C.E) Awards, and the 16th Visual Effects Society Awards. Now, only time will tell how long this trend will last.

Maddy Neal
Contributing Writer

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