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Snapchat’s Upsetting Update

February 16, 2018

I have never seen a group of people more passionate about something than the people trying to reverse the horrendous, to some, Snapchat update. For those of you unaware of the new update, according to the intellects of Monmouth College, it is “trash.” Those that pride themselves on their streaks are anxious about the new update, because HOW IN THE WORLD are they going to be able to tell when they are about to lose their streaks (a coveted mark of ~true~ friendship).

Good things about the Snapchat update? A lot of people struggle to find the silver lining, but perhaps we are just the generation defined by our unwillingness to change. However, one snazzy thing about the new update is that other people’s bitmojis are right next to their conversation. Bitmojis were all the rage circa 2014, and honestly, they are so dang cool and deserve to be at the forefront of our Snapchat indulgences. Another nifty thing is that you can watch someone’s story right from your previous conversations. A downfall of this is that you might miss out on that cutie’s snap story but alas maybe this update will push you to (A SHOCK) actually have a conversation with that person to make sure you’re an avid story watcher! WOW…a true game changer.

When the Snapchat update came out, we took to Twitter (of course, the sole mediator of all of the world’s problems). One tweet from @TalbertJennifer says “I say screw bringing back the old Snapchat, let’s bring back 2015 snapchat so I can see who’s best friends with who…” Ooo, the fan favorite of Snapchat best friends, so you can finally figure out if your man (or sort of your man) is finessing another girl via their snapchats of their feet…amazing photography skills, gentlemen. I took my own data analysis and made a Twitter poll (only the most reliable of source #science) and the results showed that only a whopping 11% were ‘digging’ the Snapchat update.

Our very own performers on and off the court (or field) are also displeased with the new Snapchat update. Senior Justin Aluya, a man of few words says, “I think the Snapchat update is horrible. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Senior Dan Evers says, “Snapchat update?…Well, I’m just glad I’m not the only one who is overwhelmed. It’s just a little confusing and all over the place in my opinion. It’ll take some getting used to for sure. Might take me exponentially longer due to my already lacking Snapchat finesse.”

So, what do I suggest we do? Well, like anything in life, we have two options. Continue to complain about how we have been wronged, followed by a tweet announcing how many retweets we need to receive to seek out our vengeance OR move on, and find something new to complain about.

Emily Manassah
Contributing Writer

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