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The Pitchfork Disney

February 16, 2018

Chocolate and drugs are the two things that keep twin siblings alive after being orphaned at 18 and apart from society for 10 years in a small apartment. But their world turns upside down when two strangers impose.

“You won’t fall asleep,” said Douglas Rankin, a Professor and Director of Theater.

The play The Pitchfork Disney was developed in 1990 by Philip Ridley, a described genius who has given a radical introduction to influence young artists in the world, like Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp-Fiction”.

Through his play, he brings his artistic and odd thinking into action, creating IN-YER-FACE theater, where actors are literally in your face, close up, typically violent, and based on uncomfortable themes.

The 1990s play, when first presented in British Theater, was one that created lots of controversy, given that the themes of the play are prominently based on fear and dreams.
This play is also particularly special based on the different production creations and how there is a different resonance through time.

“It will get people thinking because it’s dark, heavy, and gives hope. It’s a great parallel of the world today,” said Rankin.

This two-hour play will consist of four cast members, Amelia Chavez, Miles Rose, Declan Crego, and Richard Eyre, as well as student designers Natalie Curtis, Galen Hughes, Kyrsten Hume, Amanda Green, and Haley Willets.

This play is very different from other plays in the past that have been presented by Monmouth’s Theater Department. Not only is it different in style but, this will also be the first play to be entered as a participatory entry in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, where if it is selected, the casts and student designers will go to Madison, Wisconsin for the regional festival.
The play will be showing at Fusion Theater from February 22nd to February 25th at the Fusion Theater in downtown Monmouth. Tickets will be sold for $6 at the door and can also be bought online through

Taylar Tramil
Contributing Writer

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