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Alternative Spring Break

February 23, 2018

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Over Spring Break, some members of the James and Sybil Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program will be travelling to Grafton, IL to participate in the Alternative Spring Break through the Living Lands & Water organization. According to their website “Living Lands & Waters provides Mississippi River cleanup services to help with watershed conservation efforts through our network of thousands of generous volunteers.” The Stockdale Fellows will be volunteering from 9-3 PM every day and work to make an impact by helping clean up a river that runs through or along 10 states. Last year, the Stockdale Fellows travelled to Washington D.C. and volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club for the entire week.

When deciding this year’s trip, Jack McLean, program coordinator, said that “This year’s project isn’t a new one for the college. We participated in this Spring Break project when it was in Memphis in 2015, but with their focus this year in Illinois, I felt it was important for our group to serve in Illinois in some meaningful capacity because of our location.”

As a Stockdale Fellow, I am more than excited to experience something new, get a chance to see the Mississippi River up close and personal and do something worthwhile with my time away from school. Sophomore Lexi Brauer shares my sentiment, stating “I’m already looking forward to building new relationships with the new Stockdale Fellows and creating more memories with the old, as well as working together to impact the community in the best ways.”

Last year’s trip was quite an experience for the sophomore class of the Stockdale Fellows. However, the majority, if not all, of the Stockdale Fellows class wouldn’t change a thing from last year, besides the endless amount of Fruit Roll-Ups and the shower situation.

All in all, this year’s trip is planned to be quite different from last. The addition of a new Stockdale Fellow class, as well as an upgrade from cots to real beds, is sure to make this trip one to remember. McLean’s hopes for the trips matches mine own, saying “As we are in the second year of the program, my big hope is that student participants in this year’s ASB build deeper bonds as a group. This year’s project will really highlight the impact we make while we are there. It is going to be a great time.” I couldn’t agree more, Jake.

Quinton Kaihara
Copy Editor

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