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Fergie’s national anthem

February 23, 2018

Singer Fergie sings the national anthem before an NBA All-Star basketball game, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

The NBA All-Star game was held on Sunday night, and Fergie is ‘def def def’ the talk of the town in regards to her National Anthem performance. Us Americans are opinionated about just about everything, including the way we like our National Anthem sung. You do not have to be a music major to know that Fergie’s performance on Sunday was just different, to say the least. What do the students of Monmouth College have to say about it? Well, the reviews are a mixed bag.

Some students found a new appreciation for a Grammy nominee artist. Thomas Burkhead, a senior music major, says, “I think a lot of the criticism of Fergie’s singing of the national anthem comes from her interpretation of it…she took a rather jazzy, scatty, and at time Monro-essque take with the song, and where there were times of horrendous vocal technique, I think her interpretation within the style was executed really well. Like any other novel or radical premiere in the history of music, her unique interpretation was highly criticized. For me, it’s whatever. For others, they made fun of her. For the rest, she offended them by ‘not taking it seriously.’ it’s all neither here nor there.”

Sophomore and songwriter, Shaniah Anderson said “I respect Fergie for taking a risk by singing the National Anthem with her own version. However, I feel as though the way she sang the song was not an appropriate way to honor our country.

Thomas Van Alstine, a charmer with his vocal talents said, “It’s definitely been a controversial performance. I’m not a huge Fergie fan, but I think it’s cool that she did her own rendition of the anthem. She went out on a limb and did something. Artists are supposed to push the limits of things and create something that’s their own and unique, and I think that’s exactly what she did.”

While other students were left saying “What the heck Fergie?”
Senior Mackenzie Olson said “I get she was going for some type of jazz feel but the timing was too weird and it just was cringey, like I am secondhand embarrassed right now after having watched that. If I was in the crowd I would have had to leave.”

Sophomore and cello enthusiast, Hadley Smithhisler said “I just feel like the National Anthem is so classic and a part of every American that you will get negative responses if you try to change it.”
Jamiya Johnson, a freshman, and also a songwriter, said “I’d say the Fergie performance was a bit…funkalicious, strenuous, and made my brain go crazy.”

Whatever your interpretation of Fergie’s singing was, we were not at a loss for what to say about it. People on Twitter, according to my poll, were 62% against the rendition. According to Fox News, Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie, told TMZ that “I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best.” Hats off to Fergie, though, because the national anthem is one difficult song to conquer.

Emily Manassah
Contributing Writer

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