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Meet The Courier Staff

February 23, 2018

Lilt Guillen / The Courier

Anthony Adams came to Monmouth from Chicago because, like most others can relate, it was affordable. After deciding to get the ball rolling his senior year, he applied to more than 50 undergraduate institutions. Now a senior in college, Anthony has even bigger plans.

As Political Editor for The Courier, Anthony is tasked with a lot. “First and foremost, I do a lot of writing about politics and the workings of government for the paper,” he says. But he’s quick to acknowledge that he’s not doing ALL of it, by adding, “The contributing writers and other editors do an excellent job of making sure we have enough labor to spread around”.

Besides writing “the political stuff,” our Political Editor spends a large amount of time writing columns on culture, identity, and sports. We’re sure his Liberal Arts education has provoked his wide range of writing talents. Sometimes he has weird mixtures of two or more of such topics. “Regardless, I do a lot of writing about the ways in which we interact in the world,” he concluded.

Writing about the stuff he loves is the best part of his job. Unable to think of any downfalls of his position, he notes “The columns I write are generally left to me to decide on, and I don’t have to worry about having to write about something I actively dislike. My job is pretty cool.” And so are you, Anthony!

“If I ever seem awkward in person, that is because I definitely am awkward as all hell.” Still, the Communication Studies major is an asset to the Communication Studies program as well as The Courier staff. Typically on the third floor of Wallace, he spends his time being a noble Scot, by doing homework or practicing for the next Forensics tournament. President of the Speech and Debate team, he practically lives in their assigned room. “I’ve been on the team since my freshman year. It’s really cool! I have helped lead the team’s revitalization, in a way. At the very least, I do my best not to suck.”

In the future, Anthony is eagerly anticipating the decisions of graduate schools. With plans to get a Ph.D. in Communication Studies, his future is looking bright. In the meantime, he would love to have the power to go back in forth in time. “It would make doing homework a lot less stressful.” More compassionately, he says “and there’s the whole ‘preventing major disasters’ thing.” Intelligent and kind, Anthony answered “beads on an abacus,” when asked what sheep count when they’re unable to sheep. And “Yes, but they feel super guilty about it,” when questioned if vegetarians eat animal crackers. What a guy!

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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