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Music Review: Shaniah Paige

February 23, 2018

Today is the day that Monmouth College music artist, Shaniah Paige, has long been looking forward to, the release date of her first EP.

“Last Year” is an original collection of country/pop songs written and sung by Shaniah, inspired by her own recent life experiences. Through a difficult relationship, a new crush, and a breakup, the six-song EP does not hold back any details. Shaniah utilizes her own difficult and inspiring story to craft a storybook-like EP that is told song by song.

Shaniah started her music career early on after playing Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” and being encouraged to continue with singing afterward. She performed at Premier, an event for aspiring musical artists, and was able to meet a music producer. Shaniah signed to HeartSongs Records her senior year of high school and has since been recording her own original songs. Shaniah performs three to four times a month during the school year at wineries, festivals, and fairs and over the summer that amount of performances almost doubles. Having performed with big acts like Love and Theft and Granger Smith, Shaniah says that the new friends and connections she has made on her musical journey are one of the best parts. While she admits that she has lost friends along the way, her family’s support is constant and “people who are going to be there for you in the end will be there through the whole thing.”

You may have already heard her single, “Mysterious Boy,” or seen its 50’s themed music video filmed at Coney Island right in Galesburg. This song – included on “Last Year” – has quite a different pop feel than her first music video, “Roseville,” which was country. Shaniah says that while she grows and matures, her songwriting does too. As she has developed her skills and musical style, she has transitioned from country music to a pop sound, which she knows better fits her personality.

“Last Year” is available today on iTunes and Google Play. Check out Shaniah Paige on her website or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her music videos “Roseville” and “Mysterious Boy” can be viewed on YouTube.

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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