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Greek Week

March 23, 2018

Lily Guillen / The Courier

March at Monmouth College brings the usual stressors of midterms, group projects, and for the Greek community, Greek Week. Every year, each Greek organization comes together to compete for the title of “Greek Week Champion,” and more importantly to work towards a common philanthropic goal. This year, the community is raising money and supplies to donate to Monmouth-Roseville School District.

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Max Seisser explained the impact that Greek Week has on the Greek community at Monmouth. According to Seisser, the events throughout the week “Remind Greeks why we’re here and to do our best to strive towards unity.” He also explained that it was beneficial for members of all seven Greek chapters to remember that although they wear different letters, they’re all trying to accomplish the same goal; “getting a good education and giving back to the campus and community.”

Even before the events kicked off, each organization had already begun preparing for the Greek Week Show that would take place on Thursday of this week. The organizations were paired at random, and pairs were tasked with creating a skit/dance to perform at the Greek Week Show. The show will be judged by a panel of judges, and while they are competing, the show aims to promote unity among the Greek organizations. During the show, each organization’s God/Demigod or Goddess/Demigoddess also performs their talent that will be judged and added to the total points earned by Greek organizations. A God/Goddess is a senior member of the organization who is paired with the Demigod/Demigoddess, a freshman member, to attend each event during Greek Week and perform a talent as a duo during the Greek Week Show. Points are awarded to organizations that incorporate their Gods/Goddesses into their skit as well.

Greek Week officially began on Sunday, March 18 with a kick-off event which was an “All-Greek” photo and the first round of the volleyball tournament that continues throughout the week. All of the college’s national fraternities and sororities competed in the tournament, with Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon coming out of the first round without any losses. Pi Beta Phi came out on top while Sigma Phi Epsilon received consolation honors.

Monday’s events included a blood drive that Greek members were given the opportunity to volunteer to work. Members were also encouraged to donate blood, as blood donations counted for points towards the chapter’s Greek Week standing. Along with the blood drive, Monday also brought a Trivia Night in the Highlander Room. Greeks showed their knowledge in various categories and competed against one another. The victor came out to be Zeta Beta Tau, while Pi Beta Phi took second and Alpha Tau Omega took third.

On Tuesday, the main event was the Greek Olympics Relay Race. Members of each organization participated in various events that tested both strength and skill. Through competitions such as a chariot race, orange pass, and Lava River challenge. While it proved to be a tough battle, Alpha Tau Omega took first in the competition, with Phi Delta Theta coming in second.

After the conclusion of the volleyball tournament on Wednesday and Greek Week Show on Thursday, points will be totaled to determine the winner of Greek Week 2018. In addition to the events hosted throughout the week, organizations also have the opportunity to earn points by participating in Penny Wars throughout the week, God/Goddess and Demigod/Demigoddess dorm storming, and a banner competition. Attendance for each fraternity or sorority is also counted at each Greek Week event and is considered when totaling points.

While Greek Week is a competition, the overarching goal of the week is to come together and promote positive relations within the Greek community, all while raising money for a worthy cause. Bailey VanFleet, a junior member of Pi Beta Phi, says that Greek Week is one of her favorite times of the year. “I really like being able to support not only my Pi Phi sisters, but my Panhellenic sisters as well,” she explained. “Greek Week brings plenty of energy to boost morale because of the events that take place.”

Kaelin Sommer
News Editor

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