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Inspiring women on campus

March 23, 2018

Hayley Hawthorne, Monmouth College

Distinguishing themselves as leaders and motivators, parental figures and friends, academic mentors and life counselors, Monmouth College is blessed with an abundance of inspirational women that serve as faculty and staff. As we celebrate the history of women worldwide, Monmouth College honors those that have made an impact on the success of the students and the college. Without their help, this institution would not be what it is today. Expressing gratitude for the former, current, and future Fighting Scot women, we say thank you. Though we share only a few of the praises professed by students and alums, not one woman is going unnoticed. Collectively, we are grateful for your dedication and support.

Like most college students, sentiments and shout outs are shared on Twitter. So it started with a tweet. “Alright MC students, I need your input: What Monmouth College faculty/staff WOMEN are inspirational and deserve some Courier love this week. Tell me who and why!” And the rest is women’s history.

Professor Hayley Hawthorne was praised by Mikaela McKenney (’17) “because she was hard on me for the right reasons and still checks up on me post-graduation unlike any other professor at MC!” Other faculty members noted were lecturer “Mama” Jen Braun for her supportive nature and lecturer Annie Moore. “There is not a kinder soul on campus,” according to Jess Bybee (‘14). Professor Audra Sostarecz “works so hard for her students and deserves more recognition,” says sophomore Hannah Snyder while Professor Marsha Dopheide is revered as “the G.O.A.T. of the psychology department,” says junior Kayla Brotzman. In the education department, professors Michelle Simmons and Tammy LaPrad were recognized as “awesome” and “being there for their students both as friends and as professors,” by seniors María Magallón and Michaela Baker. Senior Trystin Demott gathered support from numerous students who concluded that the Business department wouldn’t be what it is today without Professor Wendine Bolon.

Outside of the classroom, women staff members are also being recognized. Wellness Director and women’s golf coach, Ashley Sims “is a mentor not just for golf but for academics and life,” says Korri Crawford (‘15). “She’s someone her athletes can look up to. A coach I still talk to even after graduating.” Rachel Whitlock (‘14) expressed admiration for Paula Nuckles, Admission Technology Manager. “While a lot of students might not know her, Paula had a significant impact on my MC experience by helping me through one of my most difficult times. She is incredibly kind and understanding. She is a supporter of the arts and goes above and beyond for her students.” Current students have also noted staff members that go above and beyond their duties. Livi Diaz shared several sentiments about Development and Major Gifts Officer and Kappa Advisor, Gena Alcorn. “Gena is always available to lend a helping hand or wise advice. “She’s just one of those people who would do anything for anyone. Gena takes a lot of her personal time and money to make sure we have what we need to be successful.” Diaz concluded, “She’s just someone I aspire to be like.” Junior Haley Johnston also shared kind words about her mother, Director of Institutional Research and Analytics, Christine Johnston. “She’s worked here for nearly 20 years starting as an Admissions Counselor, then advancing to Dean of Admissions, followed by Registrar, then her current position.” Commenting on her mother’s dedication to solving students’ complaints, Haley notes she may be biased, but recognition has no place for biases!

Thank you, women of Monmouth. Whether you are faculty or staff, current student or alumnae, you have shaped this college into what college was meant to be. You have inspired us to aspire to be like you!

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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