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California cliff car wreck

April 6, 2018

Photo from ABC News

On the afternoon of Monday, April 2, 2018, a family of eight was mysteriously killed in a car accident along California’s Pacific Coast Highway. The crash happened after a 75-foot turnout where the car plummeted off of the rocky cliff and onto the rugged shore in a remote part of Northern California.

There was no sign of struggle from the car; the cause of the crash is still unknown but it is said that investigators are determined to solve the mysteries of this case. Due to there being no visual evidence of the car being out of control in any way leaves the door open for this crash to be intentional.

Both adults were confirmed dead along with three of their children. Three other children Devonte Hart, age 15, Hannah Harte, age 16, and Sierra Hart, age 12, were reported missing and the status of their presence appears to be the same since the crash on Monday afternoon.

One of the missing children, Devonte Hart, is actually nationally recognized from a photo of him online. The photo is of Davonte hugging a police officer at a Black Lives Matter protest.

This case, in particular, is strikingly more suspicious than other crashes due to the family being under an investigation by Social and Health Services. It is believed that multiple Hart children may have been, and may still be, victims of abuse or neglect. The investigation began the week prior to the crash.

There has not been any sign of the missing family members nor has there been any new information about the cause of the crash.

Abbi Murray
Online Manager

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