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Alumni interview: Lori Hildebrand

April 16, 2018

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Established in 1853, Monmouth College has a long history full of change. Students throughout the decades have had remarkably different experiences while working towards their undergraduate degree as Fighting Scots.

1992 alum, Lori Hildebrand (then Carrell), grew up in Galesburg, Illinois and was drawn to Monmouth College’s family-like community of scholars; a tradition that has carried into the 2010’s. However, she admitted that much has changed since she once walked across the quad to her classes. Lori said the biggest change has been to residence halls and educational buildings as many facilities have been erected and remodeled within the last twenty years. For most of her time at Monmouth, Lori lived in the now replaced Gibson Hall, nicknamed the “Holiday Inn” for its “H” shape and multicolored doors. One of her favorite undergrad memories is a “huge water gun fight at Gibson Hall on a warm spring day.”

While Monmouth’s current dining options receive a large amount of complaints, during Lori’s time at Monmouth there was only one food option on campus – the cafeteria. However, she was always “satisfied with most of the options.” But it is not the food that Lori finds herself most envious of, but the vast course offerings and improved facilities like the Huff Athletic Center and the Center for Science and Business that she wishes she would have had access to.

In the 1990’s, Monmouth College promoted the same goal providing students with a liberal arts education, and Lori saw the full effect of that as a general education requirement spiked her interest and prompted her to add a psychology minor on top of her business major.

Lori’s time at Monmouth College influenced her future greatly because with the help of a lead from the Monmouth College Career Planning and Placement Center (now Wackerle Career and Learning Center) she earned her first job at Ralston Purina where she put her business degree to good use. Within her time with Ralston Purina, she “…met [her] husband” and “…now [has] three awesome kids, one of whom is a student at Monmouth College.”

Lori said that if she ever wins the lottery, she would love to donate to a campus beautification project that would plant more trees and add more landscaping.

Her advice to current students is “go to class and always work harder than you think you need to, and then have some fun.”

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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