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Bill Cosby trial number two

April 16, 2018

On Saturday, April 8, 2018, the second trial concerning the future of the former actor and comedian, Bill Cosby came to an end. After six long days of consideration, the judge assigned to Cosby’s case announced that the jurors could not come to a conclusion, thereby resulting in a mistrial.

Cosby was originally charged with sexual assault with a sentence possibly up to ten years. Andrea Constand charged Cosby for giving her unknown pills which paralyzed her, allowing Cosby to rape her. Cosby and Constand met when Cosby spent a visit to Temple University, where he previously attended and Constand worked at.

Constand claimed that Cosby had invited her to his place in 2004. During the house visit, Constand and Cosby were allegedly sitting on his couch, where Cosby gave Constand pills that he claimed would relax her. While Cosby argues that Constand gave consent, Constand claims that the pills he had given her paralyzed her, thus disabling her from being able to neither give consent nor reject Cosby.

Cosby confessed to cheating on his wife for about ten years with several women in which he admits to drugging them with Quaaludes and/or bribing them with job help. Cosby’s lawyer downplayed Cosby’s actions by claiming Constand was turning the situation around on Cosby. This left the jury with an impossible decision to make.

As early as Thursday, the jurors knew they would not be able to arrive at a collective decision on Cosby’s case. However, the judge insisted that they persisted to deliberate Cosby’s future. After about fifty-two plus hours of consideration, the judge finally acknowledged that the jurors were incapable of arriving at a conclusion, furthermore having to declare that this was a mistrial.

Abbi Murray
Online Editor

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