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Outside the Hashmarks

April 16, 2018

As hectic as March was for basketball, quite a few amazing storylines got left behind in the world of sports. Probably tops among them was just how amazing the women’s basketball tournament was because that was an amazing ride from beginning to end. And part of that is on us, as the press. I mean, even last week I wrote about the men’s tournament because it was more popular. Talking about whoever the Cinderella was on the men’s side of the tournament is often just something you’re supposed to do at the end of March. That always seems to be the default, regardless of how good the teams are. But this year ought to have been different.

The women’s tournament was everything we expect from the NCAA’s basketball tournaments. There were buzzer-beaters, dynasties added to, dynasties stifled, and a great Final Four. Sure, all the 1-seeds made it there, but that isn’t that much of an issue. There were plenty of upsets and scares for those of us that love that kind of basketball. Central Michigan won two games from the 11-seed, knocking off bigger programs like LSU and Ohio State. Georgia had to fight off a legitimate scare from Mercer. Buffalo won two games before running into South Carolina. Baylor got run off the floor by Oregon State. And, finally, the University of Connecticut finally lost, much like last year. This was, by all accounts a good tournament.

So why didn’t I write about it last week? Or any other week, really. Well, I figured the men would be more popular. Which was a mistake, and honestly, pretty trash of me. Next year, I would definitely suggest tuning into the women’s tournament. With the WNBA season coming soon, we should be watching that, too. Supporting the women’s sports on campus when possible is also pretty important. Not just because the players are women who need the patronage of all of us. That isn’t remotely true. We should watch if we like good sports because women’s sports turn out excellent games. It’s that simple, really.

This isn’t some mandate. It’s more thinking about how we consume sports. I firmly believe that there is real value in watching good games. I feel like most of us who love sports do. Cutting off a full half of those games because of weird social stigma doesn’t make sense. Especially since watching sports and writing is literally my job here. So here’s to good games and even better tournaments. I will definitely be watching next year.

Anthony Adams
Political Editor

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