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The Secret to…chasing after your dreams

April 16, 2018

People always talk about chasing dreams in a light, earnest way, but the fact is, it isn’t always easy, pleasant, or successful. The first step is accepting the fact that pursuing your dreams will not be all sunshine and roses. It’s failures, it’s commitment, it’s tears, it’s doubts, and it’s the greatest task you’ll ever strive to complete. If this is a wake-up call for you, sorry I’m not sorry.
However, once you realize your dreams will be a struggle, you’re being much more realistic and honest with yourself and others.

Which brings me to my next step: don’t EVER back down from your dreams. I don’t care if your mom thinks you’re crazy or Uncle Bill makes fun of you and your ‘silly’ dreams. If you don’t believe in your potential and your ability to make your dreams a reality, then nobody will. Stand firm in what you want, and use every day to get yourself closer to your dreams.

Another way to get yourself closer to your dreams is to embrace the discomfort. The times that we find ourselves feeling fearful and out of our element are the times where we will truly grow. Doing whatever you thought you could NEVER do, that’s empowering. Your dreams aren’t big enough if they doesn’t challenge you to grow as a person in some way.

The final step may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s probably the most important: work hard. There’s a famous quotation by John C. Maxwell that states “dreams don’t work unless you do.” You can’t expect your dreams to knock on your own door. You’ve got to pursue your dreams with every fiber of your being. Don’t forget to have fun along the way and find time for yourself, but remember that the consistency of your hard work will pay off in big ways.

At this point in the semester, many of us college students are ready to be done and have no willpower to finish off the school year. But for the majority of us, getting a college degree is part of the whole chasing after your dreams journey. As finals approach remember the three steps I’ve shared to pursuing your dreams. I’ve told you it won’t be pretty, you’ve got to fight the feelings of discomfort, and you’ll need to work hard. Realize that the long hours of studying, the all-nighters, and the hundreds of papers we’ve written will all be worth it. We have to keep our ultimate dream in view at all times, and finish this semester off strong. Our dreams depend on it.

Taylor Ewald
Contributing Writer

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