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Artists to View: Daniel Martin Diaz

April 20, 2018

Photo from Daniel Martin Daiz

A few days ago, I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone, unable to sleep. It’s interesting how inspiration tends to make an appearance when least expected, and possibly at the worst times. My mouth and eyes were wide open as I scrolled through a post full of the work of Daniel Martin Diaz. I was completely astonished, and of course, inspired. I felt like I needed to step up my game and run to the studio, but it was bedtime. However, since that day I have made sure to look at his work for inspiration and not let that feeling go.

Diaz’s artist statement is available on his website and reads, “Art is a reflection of ourselves, the story of humanity, and a quest to understand the physical and metaphysical world. As we try to understand our place in the universe, art can be an important part of the dialogue we can create and share with each other. In my work, I seek to reveal the mysterious with arcane imagery and techniques that make sense to me on a deep level that words cannot quantify. There is an underlying dichotomy of the power of technology and our quantum connection to it and our Universe. How might our use or mis-use of technology permanently alter the future of humanity and what is our personal responsibility of our effect on the world and each other? It is my attempt to capture the complexity and beauty of the underlying mechanisms that bind us in an emotion.”

In his bio, Diaz explains that he is very inspired by math and different types of sciences. He says that he finds diagrams and equations to make very beautiful imagery, even though “that is not the intention” (

He is currently based in Tucson, Arizona and primarily works as a draftsman. His drawings have been published in major magazines like High Fructose, Juxtapoz, LA Times, and NY Times. His work has also been exhibited around the world, and he has published four art books. Follow him on Instagram @danielmartindiaz.

Lily Guillen

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