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Meet the Staff: Duane Bonifer

April 20, 2018

Photo from Monmouth College

As with most campus organizations, The Courier requires an adviser that is experienced and can assist student workers in their endeavors. A newspaper adviser should be “a fair-weather critic and a foul-weather friend,” according to The Courier’s very own, Duane Bonifer.

Bonifer was born and raised in Louisville where his great-great grandfathers owned a distillery in Kentucky’s Bourbon Country. His grandfather was a bootlegger during the prohibition and ran whiskey from Dubois County, Indiana, all the way to Louisville, Kentucky. However, Bonifer decided to go with a different career.

He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1991 with majors in Journalism and Political Science. After hearing nothing but good about Monmouth College from his colleagues in higher education, Bonifer decided to visit. Upon meeting the “incredible” faculty and staff, he says he “…knew [he] wanted to be a part of the Fighting Scots community. While he is the adviser to The Courier, he is more officially the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing for Monmouth.

On top of his daily work, he decided to take on the task of “adviser” because of the “energetic, talented, and enthusiastic staff.” When asked what the best and worst parts of his job are, Bonifer responded with: “First of all, there are no bad parts when it comes to serving in higher education. It’s even better when you are lucky enough to serve at a residential liberal arts college such as Monmouth. You’re surrounded by a lot of talented, thoughtful and interesting people all day long who encourage, support and challenge you. You can’t help but learn something new every day. As for the Courier, the best part is that you get to learn from young people, many of whom have unique and interesting perspectives of the world.”

But being a newspaper adviser and an executive director aren’t the only things on Bonifer’s mind. He’s a pretty big Reds fan and he wishes more than anything that he could hit a curveball to give them a fighting chance this MLB season. “If a guy named Mr. Applegate ever arrives in Monmouth, [he] might disappear for a few months.”

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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