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Women’s Empowerment Organization

April 20, 2018

Monmouth College has more clubs and organizations than you can count on both hands. Each organization represents a hobby, an ethnicity, a group with shared values and interests, or a group with common goals. But sophomore Monmouth College student, Vanessa Caldwell, noticed a lack of a certain kind of organization; that is, a women’s empowerment organization.

Caldwell is hoping to rally the support of young motivated women on campus to form this a group specifically aimed at building a strong community of women who will lead, mentor, and inspire one another across campus. She says that with the formation of this organization for women, she hopes to “…motivate each other to live healthy and successful lives and that is a key factor that women need, especially in college. Within this organization, women will learn how and why we need to support and empower each other instead of competing against one another.”

The so far unnamed organization will consist of opportunities and programs for women on Monmouth College’s campus to join forces to speak out about issues they face as well as educate the campus about the importance of women empowerment. Caldwell said the group plans to reach out not only to other campus groups but also to local schools to involve younger girls and spread the empowerment.

Caldwell also hopes the group will foster friendship amongst its members as she feels it is hard to “…find and keep GOOD friends” in college. With the stress of classes, jobs, and involvement, Monmouth College women have the opportunity to find a support system within Caldwell’s organization. She said, “Transitioning into college… can be stressful, so when many different women come together to provide insight and the differences among one another, it helps us expand our horizons and allows us to come together to support each other no matter what we’ve seen or gone through.”

Because this organization has not yet been made official, Caldwell is still very open to ideas about the organization. Meeting times have not yet been made official but if you are interested in joining or have any questions or ideas for the organization, email Vanessa Caldwell at

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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