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A final farewell to MC athletics

April 27, 2018

It’s been four years since I decided to attend Monmouth College, the place we all presently call home. While the school has given me incredible academic and personal opportunities, what mostly drove me to come to this school was the chance to compete athletically at the collegiate level.

Whether basing my college decision on athletics was the right way to go about the process is debatable. What’s not debatable is that I made the right decision in coming to Monmouth College, and I would’ve never come here if it wasn’t for athletics.

Yes, almost all of our athletic careers will be over once we leave here, so our academics is obviously our most important priority. With that being said, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take time to appreciate the great athletic opportunities that we have been presented with at Monmouth College. In my four years of being an athlete here, Monmouth College sports teams have continually done great things, not in just one or two sports, but throughout every athletic program.

Water polo, a relatively new sport at Monmouth College, has continually grown and gotten better every year on both the men’s and women’s side. Softball just broke the team record for wins in 2016, and women’s soccer made it to the conference championship game in soccer just last season.

The track and field programs have continued to dominate the conference; football has currently won two straight titles, and basketball just won their first conference championship since 1990. A little over a year ago we added two new teams, women’s and men’s lacrosse, to our athletic program, and men’s tennis just recently locked up a spot for the conference championships.

These are just a small sample size of great things I’ve seen from MC sports in the past four years, and there are many more. Academics is the main priority here at Monmouth College, but sometimes you just need to take a break from studying and go watch Monmouth athletics destroy Knox in any number of sports. Sorry, had to get one last Knox joke in before I give up my duties as sports editor.

Whether you’re in the stands watching or you’re the one competing, it doesn’t really matter, because all the students and faculty get excitement and joy from the successes of the athletic teams at this school. You know why? Because, when one of our teams wins, we all win, because we are all Monmouth College Fighting Scots.

Thank you, Monmouth College athletics. You’ve presented me with great opportunities, amazing teammates, and lifelong friends in the past four years. Roll Scots forever.

Cooper Pauley
Sports Editor

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