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A Freshman’s reflection

April 27, 2018

This year has been a growing experience both educationally and personally. I’ve made a handful of mistakes, but I’ve also done some things right, so here’s my two cents:

Work hard before you even have to: I know that it’s hard to start a project that’s due in November in September, but trust me, if you spend small amounts of time on those semester projects, you’ll thank yourself later. Same goes for final exam studying – study along the way so you don’t have to cram.

The drama doesn’t stop, but you can stop the drama: When I came to Monmouth, I was convinced that girls in college wouldn’t be as catty or full of drama. I was way wrong. The truth is, girls don’t change; but you can. Be mature in handling situations, utilize strong communication skills, take lots of deep breaths, and don’t let immature and jealous individuals dim your light.

Make your own opportunities: Some of my most enriching experiences this past year have been the ones that I have sought out myself. If you want an internship, find one. If you want to start a club, write the bylaws. Take initiative and you will be successful.

Someone/something making you unhappy? Drop it like it’s hot: You can’t expect yourself to be perfect at everything or for everything to be perfect for you. If you’re in an organization or have a job that genuinely makes you unhappy, quit. If there is an individual who makes you feel drained of positivity, they’re not worth your time.

Take advantage of every learning opportunity because things that you don’t know you don’t know are amazing: By the end of our time here I think we’re all going to have the ideology of a “liberal arts” education drilled into our brains but take advantage of it. Business major? Go to that archeology talk that you are a little interested in. History major? Go to the biology talk that sparks your interest. An opportunity to learn is always one you should seize.

Surround yourself with people who make you the best you: It’s absolutely impossible to make everyone like you, so stop trying. Be yourself and the people who appreciate you will stick around. Stay close to the people who build you up, not the ones who tear you down. There’s no time to change yourself in order to befriend people with negative or fake personalities.

Emma Hildebrand
Contributing Writer

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