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Amazon’s Secret Plan to Build a Future Home Robot

April 27, 2018

Amazon is reportedly working and developing its first home robot. The project was given the name “Vesta,” the name of the goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion. The new robot is being developed by Amazon’s Lab126, which previously manufactured the Kindle, Fire Phone, and Echo devices. There are no clear details about what the new Amazon robot looks like or what it will be used for, but it could be a mobile version of the Alexa digital assistant. This robot may follow users around their home to places where they don’t have access to speak directly to the Echo speaker. It’s also said that the company is planning to test the robots in the homes of its staff members by the end of the year, giving the public the opportunity to test the new models of Amazon robots early in 2019.

Based on these few details, it is difficult to know what Amazon is planning on doing with these robots. However, it is safe to say that a home robot, in this case, is not going to be a kind of robot to help in performing a variety of home businesses and services. The robot, however, will be considered as a virtual assistant with an external mechanical appearance, just like the ones that have been invented in the past few years like LG’s Hot Bot, Kuri, and Jibo. Such devices aim to serve as a central point of contact for the future smart homes, as well as being a personal companion for their owners. They also allow users to control devices connected to a Wi-Fi network and perform tasks such as setting timers, searching the web, and getting more interactive games for younger children.

In the end, it is too early to guess what the intentions of Amazon are at the moment. It is also quite likely that this research will not lead to any final product, however, consumers should expect more details about this upcoming project within the next few months. Amazon fans are also hoping to get the more feedback as soon as the company releases more information regarding this subject.

Abdul Al-Kabbani
Contributing Writer

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