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Félicitations à tous!

April 27, 2018

Photos from Madame Moore
Pi Delta Phi inductees from L to R: Obaa Yaa Atuahene;
Sabastina Wiafe; Hadley Smithhisler; Joshua Perschall;
Kaniesha Whatley; Tate Heiple


Beautiful is the language
And so are the students
Without them
My spirit would not have grown
Words and structures are superb!
And if language is water
Then Monmouth is the sea
A sea where I searched
Explore what you love!

During my stay here
I have erred
And it is this language
I found

– Josh Perschall

French and the Little Prince

I discovered pride on the Little Prince’s asteroid
after having studied French for four years.

This book for children
was the first book that I read in French.

It was a challenge, but I discovered
sadness, joy, friendship, love, and nostalgia
in the little prince and his rose, the fox, and the baobab trees.

I will never forget the satisfaction that I felt
when I finished the book.

I missed that feeling when I arrived at Monmouth
and I stopped reading—in English and in French.

Fortunately, now,
I understand again the joy of reading in French and thinking in French.
The books now are more difficult, more complicated,
but I feel the same satisfaction at the end of each book.

My high school French teacher told us
that The Little Prince would stay with us.

After five years, I understand.

– Hadley Smithhisler

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