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Senior Bucket List

April 27, 2018

We are just 16 days away from Commencement when the Class of 2018 will walk across the stage, grab their degree, and be on there way to a new journey in life. But 16 days is ample time to cross out items on a bucket list, especially at Monmouth. Seniors, before you leave and never come back, (only kidding, we all know you’ll be back at some point), be sure to fulfill these requirements switching the tassel from one side to another.

  • Jam out to some extra loud music at the fraternity complex.
  • Take a picture with the sign of your first and last residence hall.
  • Discover HT and its former glory
  • Sled or slide down the hill next to April Zorn Memorial Stadium.
  • Stop in at the bookstore and grab an “Alumni” t-shirt.
  • Indulge in an omelet from Penny.
  • Use up all of your flex, if you haven’t already, by getting some Einstein’s.
  • Look at artwork done by your peers in McMichael academic.
  • Break a leg, onstage at Wells Theater…but not actually. It’s a metaphor.
  • Bask in the Dahl Chapel’s stained glass sunlight, staring at “Sit Lux.”
  • Make a trip to Poling to finish any unfinished business and thank staff for their help.
  • Climb the wall in Trotter Fitness Complex.
  • Do a cartwheel on the football field.
  • Venture back to the CSB and trek to the observatory, with permission of course.
  • Take a picture with nation’s flags at the Intercultural House.
  • Go into the Admissions building and thank them for recruiting you to Monmouth.
  • Strike a sorority pose at any of the three sorority houses.
  • Visit Austin Music Hall for quite possibly the first time ever.
  • Be sure to get a parking ticket or pay off the ones you have accumulated.
  • Listen to the bagpipes, proudly.
  • Sit on the steps of Wallace Hall, looking out, and take a deep breath in.
    Lastly, take a lot of pictures, make a lot of memories, and only say “See you later!”

Tessa Jones
Features Editor

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