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Thoughts from a Senior

April 27, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to shy away from expressing my opinion, but anyone who truly knows me knows that sometimes I place a little too much value on what other people say about me. It is something that I have been trying to work on, but it is tough. I propose something different for every and any person just trying to be better than they were yesterday to do. Everyone knows things that you should do as a senior, like dance on the penny bar at the Bijou, wake up to the bagpipes on Scholar’s Day, and get an omelet from Penny. As wonderful as these things may be and as amazing as the people who you come in contact with at Monmouth College may be, your senior year should start with yourself.

It is easy to recognize our weaknesses but at times, difficult to recognize our accomplishments. The first order of business is to celebrate yourself for making it this far. The second thing to do is show gratitude for things, big and small, show gratitude for people who cheer you on in your good and bad times. As a senior, I wish I would have cut off toxic people from my life a hell of a long time ago. They only hinder your growth. The third thing to do is recognize your feelings, and work through them in healthy ways. For a majority of my senior year, I felt anxious about what was to come, how I was going to get there, who was going to be there, pretty much everything. Recognizing my anxiety and dealing with it in healthy ways was one step I took to start with myself. The fourth thing to do is to realize you may struggle, and it is okay to struggle. As a senior, or even those reading this that aren’t seniors or aren’t even students…success is defined differently by every person: so, decide what that is for yourself and what your goals are for you. For me, I regained control of all of these emotions I was feeling by writing down things that made me happy, I am a huge fan of trivial things like buttered noodles and hashtags but also, I value empowering others.

To every person, my farewell advice to you is to start with yourself, everything else will fall into place, no matter how difficult the ride may be.

Emily Manassah
Contributing Writer

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