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Waffle House shooting in Nashville, TN

April 27, 2018

A group of Waffle House employees pray with family members of the shooting victims near a memorial containing a cross for each of the four victims outside the Waffle House restaurant on April 25, 2018, in Nashville, Tenn.
Photo from Chicago Tribune

A naked man, armed with a bushmaster-style rifle shot and killed four unarmed civilians in a Nashville, Tennessee Waffle House on Sunday, April 22.

The suspected shooter, Travis Reinking, 29, is accused of the murder of four individuals at a Waffle House Near Nashville. He reportedly visited the Waffle House in Antioch at approximately 3:23 a.m. Reinking left his truck and proceeded to fatally shoot two customers outside of the restaurant, Metro Nashville Police have reported. Reinking then fired through the windows of the restaurant. He later went on to go inside and fatally shoot two more customers.

Police report that the shooting ended when a customer, James Shaw Jr. wrestled the weapon from Reinking’s hands and chased him away from the scene. He “saw the gunman looking at his rifle, so he decided to rush him”. Shaw was minorly injured during the conflict but was able to end the situation before it escalated further.

Reinking fled the scene shortly after before authorities picked him up after a tip that he had been seen in the woods near his apartment in Nashville on Monday, Metro Nashville Police said. Reinking was booked in Metro jail Monday evening on four counts of criminal homicide. He has since been moved to the Maximum Correctional Center in South Nashville.

Now wearing a green “suicide smock”, Reinking is being held in solitary confinement and has been deemed a risk to himself and others, and the 29-year-old suspect is “likely to be wearing it” throughout initial arraignment according to Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall.

The shooter has been arrested several times in the past, including an arrest by the United States Secret Service in 2017 for attempting to trespass near the White House to visit President Trump.

According to the shooter’s father, Jeffrey Reinking, Travis has had his FOID card and firearms confiscated in the past, when the FBI requested his firearm ID card be taken away, as he was deemed a threat to himself and others. Jeffrey reportedly returned the shooter’s firearms to him shortly before the incident and has since come forward with the information.

Ethan Hager
Contributing Writer

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